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Spurtle (sometimes spelt "spirtle")  is the Scottish term for porridge stirrer but it stirs everything from peas to polenta. It is also called a theevil.

This streamlined Tasmanian version, without quirks or beads to trap food residue, is an original indeco design.

We haven't a golden spurtle but why not try a myrtle spurtle!


See Patrick's recipe for breakfast polenta.


And a happy 'spurtler' says: "I treated myself to one of these. Not only a great name, but very useful and extremely good looking. Every kitchen should have one." 

From Hugo & Elsa. hugoandelsa.blogspot.com/2009/09/myrtle-spurtle.html

What wonderful food!


Doesn't bruise your sauce!

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regular spurtle
275mm long
price: AUD 16.50 (convert)

big spurtle
350mm long
price: AUD 27.00 (convert)


Having a turn! good things come in small packages!


Anja turning a spurtle?...."gonna try with a little help from my friends"!




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